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Placement vs. Project

Students can choose among several agencies which are preapproved for the course Agency chosen in advance by professor
Students must be offered a placement by an agency and then accept a placement offer Students do not choose and are not chosen by an agency
Students must turn in signed timesheets twice per semester Students fill out a project hours report in class twice per semester
Usually involves direct service
[What's this?]
Can be direct or indirect service
[What's the difference?]
Eligible for transcript notations Eligible for transcript notations

Indirect service and direct service are equally valuable. Direct service involves hands-on, face-to-face interaction with an agency's clients. Indirect service refers to capacity-building work which benefits the agency by supplementing its resources or boosting its effectiveness.

Indirect service: Designing a flyer to help a hospital publicize a blood drive
Direct service: Donating blood or greeting and screening donors at the blood drive

Indirect service: Producing a directory of local food banks for a homeless shelter
Direct service: Cooking and distributing meals at the homeless shelter