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Service Learning Opportunities for Students 

Service learning gives you a structured experience which you can use to evaluate, assess and apply the knowledge, theories and ideas you encounter in class. It is also a way to strengthen your understanding of social justice, explore the root causes of social problems and examine your personal values and beliefs.

An Emphasis on Social Justice 

We want you to move away from a "charity mindset" and develop a "social justice mindset." Someone who maintains a charity mindset may think, “I am helping those who have less talent, knowledge, power, and privilege than I do. So, my help will make their lives better.” Someone who maintains a social justice mindset may think, “I am teaching and learning from someone who has talent and knowledge, and he/she is teaching and learning from me. I have more power and privilege than him/her. How could it be otherwise?” See more about a justice based model of development under resources. 

Benefits of Service Learning

  • Students who successfully complete service learning for an academic course are eligible to receive transcript notations.
  • Service learning helps students see how academic subjects apply in the real world and achieve specific learning goals.
  • Service learning connects classroom study to community needs.
  • Service learning is active learning. It requires students to participate in and take ownership of their education rather than passively receiving information.
  • Service learning can lead to internships, jobs, or other professional opportunities.
  • Service learning connects academics to the Jesuit mission of furthering social justice and advancing the common good.
  • Research shows that service learning can help students master academic content, be more engaged during class time and develop critical thinking skills.
  • Service learning builds a commitment to service and social responsibility.
  • Service learning can help students understand root causes of social problems.
  • Service learning helps students connect with people. They can cultivate useful contacts, make new friends, and feel more at home in New Orleans.

Getting Started With Service Learning

Students interested in a service learning course this semester should start browsing the course listing to find a course that aligns with their interests and academic goals.