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Service Learning Forms for Students

SL Placement Acceptance Form 

This form should be used by Loyola service learning students who wish to accept a placement offer. 

What's a placement? Students can choose among several agencies which are pre-approved for the course. Students must be offered a placement by an agency and accept the placement offer. Timesheets must be turned in twice per semester for the placement. Placements usually involve direct service.

Placement Acceptance Form

SL Project Course Agreement Form 

This form is to acknowledge participation in a service learning project for an approved Loyola service learning course with a faculty-chosen agency and pre-defined goals and outcomes.

What's a project? Professors select the agency for a project in advance of the course and students do not choose the agency. Students fill out a project hours report in class twice per semester. Projects can involve both direct and indirect service.

SL Project Course Agreement Form

Service Learning Timesheet

All service learning hours must be recorded electronically using this online form. 

Service Learning Timesheet

Rideshare Form

Loyola service learning students who provide rides to fellow service learning students are entitled to up to $40 in prepaid gas cards per semester. Rides must be documented on this form and submitted to OCELTS. 

Rideshare Form

Paper Liability Waiver

Waiver of liability form required for all service learning students who are under the age of 18 prior to starting service learning.

Paper Liability Waiver (Under 18)

Service Learning Independent Agency Agreement Form

Loyola student must complete and sign this form, then send it and the general information pages to the agency representative who will serve as his/her service learning supervisor. The agency supervisor must sign and send to OCELTS.

SL Independent Agency Agreement Form