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Partnering with Loyola's service learning program can bring substantial benefits to your agency, including strengthening and expanding services and programs and building capacity for positive social change. However, a partnership also requires a significant investment of time and energy. It's important to understand this commitment beforehand and decide whether your agency has the capacity to make this investment.

Current Partner   Prospective Partner

Community partner agencies will:

  • Articulate an intended objective for their agency that should result from its participation in service learning.

  • Be able to name an indirect benefit to their agency due to being a part of the Loyola community.

  • Describe their experience of accessing additional Loyola community resources as manageable or easy.

  • Identify two other Loyola community partner agencies with which it has developed or strengthened its relationship because of its partnership with OCELTS.

Loyola service learning partners have the following expectations: 

  • communicate with and respond to Loyola students, staff, and faculty in a timely manner;
  • provide Loyola with the information necessary to facilitate service learning activities effectively;
  • notify Loyola of any change to organization structure, operations, program, or other significant  matters;
  • cooperate fully with regular partnership assessment;
  • provide regular feedback to Loyola staff, faculty, and students;
  • ensure that pre-service requirements such as background checks are completed in a timely and efficient manner;
  • allow and arrange for site visits and program observations as necessary to ensure quality partnerships;
  • provide sufficient orientation and training for all service learning students;
  • monitor and supervise placement and project work as necessary; and
  • evaluate students and outcomes in writing and/or in person.